It looks like it's dying and it's hardly been born

Tyra Banks

Banana, Brie and Chocolate Grilled Cheese

Amy Winehouse in her early teens, taken from Amy My Daughter by Mitch Winehouse, published by HarperCollins ‘A thoughtful Amy, still in pink and with her heart symbol of course, at her school summer fete’


GLAMOUR happens when somebody with great personal taste is very much at EASE with [him- or herself] and with what they’re wearing, without social pretense.

— Anjelica Huston *Dressed (via glamour)

Linda and Naomi by Peter Lindbergh (1991)

this is the look

April 15, 2014 - Kim Kardashian on set of a photoshoot in Miami.


Today, she would have been 42.
April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995

And still woulda been beautiful as ever

It’s time for women to stop being politely angry.

— Leymah Gbowee (via thelovelyloner)